Legal translation

Writing in one’s native language, is always the best choice!
Over the course of the various projects entrusted to us on a daily basis we have noticed a recent growing trend where clients, ostensibly with the objective of reducing translation costs, will attempt to undertake direct drafting of certain documents in english which they then instruct us to have edited by a native speaker.
Before you embark on this path, the following points of note are offered for your consideration :

1) Time spent on this task by the company’s in house writer – editor.

A person who is writing in other than their native (primary) language will on average spend 200% – 300 % more time than if they were writing in their native language.

2) Ideas and messages may be conveyed in a less than precise manner. Potential for erroneous interpretation or possible misinterpretation.

3) The review and editing work may at times require more time and effort than a direct translation would have.

4) Potential for errors to be overlooked even after a thorough review.

It is our sincere recommendation for all document drafting / writing to be undertaken in one’s native (primary) language with a view to ensuring a well thought out translation of optimal quality that has been developed and written by a native speaking translator.
The prime criterion for qualifying a translation as being a good translation is for the reader to not have the slightest suspicion of it being a translation.

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