International secretariat

Does your work transcend borders? We can help by providing you with tools and multilingual individuals to help you grow your company and conduct business on an international level.
Our international secretariat service puts all of our resources at your disposal to help you optimize your time and make your business truly international.

We offer four types of services:

Transcription or data entry in all languages:
We can take your PDF and/or audio files in any language and rekey them in Word.
These transcriptions are done by native-language specialists and are proofread by our native-language revisers to ensure compliance with the rules of spaces, hyphenation, date formats, currencies, citations, etc.
We offer rates by the minute (for audio files) or target word count.

Proofreading your documents:
We oversee the proofreading and/or correction of your documents.
Need to have texts reviewed for spelling? Spelling-based proofreading services are available in all languages.

Language correction of your documents:
Have you written a document in English, but you’re a native French speaker (change depending on the version of the site)? We can have your document proofread and edited by a British or American English speaker (based on your preferences), with comments in the margin to show the changes made.

Rewriting of your documents by a specialized writer or journalist:
Would you like to have a text rewritten so that it flows better?
Rewriting consists of reformulating all or part of the content of your existing texts so as to best convey the message or ideas you would like to communicate to the reader.

Multilingual DTP:
We offer formatting for your documents in compliance with your graphic charter, in any language.
Since not everyone has in-depth knowledge of the meaning or use of proofreading symbols, it is important to use a professional, like Access Europe, to manage the printing rules specific to each language.
Typographical constraints vary depending on the target language as well as expansion coefficients – when text is translated from one language to another, it will become longer or shorter, and will therefore take up more or less space.
Additionally, the diversity of alphabets and the reading direction makes this work even more complex, which is the case for Cyrillic, Arabic and Asian languages, to name a few.
Our team has a suitable technical and software infrastructure (QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)

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