Legal translations

Based on our extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, we have specialized in other areas of legal translation.

We regularly translate statutes, excerpts, summonses, contracts, certificates etc. from and into all languages ​​as well as all patent-related documents such as appeals, trademark contracts, plagiarism claims, etc.

All our translations are conducted in compliance with the respective language standards in the language of the target language.

On request, we issue a verification for our translations. The translator / proofreader guarantees the quality of his translation. This verification is delivered free of charge.

A „certified“ translation is required for submission of translated documents to authorities. We provide this service regularly as part of the legalization of documentation by the State Department or the courts.

Thanks to our wide network of sworn translators, we can certify your documents in all language combinations.
A certified translation will be delivered in paper form only. Please take note of the longer delivery times (postal delivery times) for this reason.

Thanks to our experience in the translation of technical, scientific and legal texts, our  quality control , our punctuality and our transparent pricing, the largest patent law firms in Europe and the USA trust us.

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