We use a multi-pronged quality assurance process:

Analysis of your request and needs
At Access EUROPE, we take the time to listen to you and get to know you better so that we can best meet your expectations.

Rates: Preparation of a quotation or framework agreement
We feel that transparent billing practices are crucial. That’s why before performing any service, we offer you a free quotation so that you can watch your budget.
If you have frequent translation needs, we will offer you a framework agreement with preferred pricing based on the number of words translated.

Language service provider selection and recruitment:
All of our translations are done by native-language specialists who live in countries where their native language is spoken.
We recruit our translators directly from companies in your activity sector to ensure optimal understanding of the most specific translation fields. Our linguists are all professionals in your activity sector.

Proofreading (4 Eyes principle):
Proofreading is the longest and most delicate step of the process. It consists of several verification steps that can be broken down into:
a) Spelling
b) Terminology
c) Translator errors or omissions

The projects entrusted to us are proofread internally in the most common subject areas in European languages, and externally for more specific fields and/or Asian languages.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy

Confidentiality and professional secrecy are a top priority for us.
Our staff, independent translators, proofreaders, and any other people involved in your project are bound by the utmost professional secrecy, which is the heart of our professional ethics.

Identical formatting.
Some documents require considerable layout work when the original is not editable. Our DTP department can handle all types of layout on all media.

Delivery on the medium of your choice
Email, ftp, CD, mail, etc.