Legal translation

Thanks to our considerable experience with intellectual property, we are specialized in translations in all legal fields.

We also translate bylaws, KBIS forms, summonses, judgments, contracts, public records documents, etc. to and from all languages, as well as all patent-related documents, such as oppositions, trademark agreements, infringement lawsuits, etc.

All of our translations are done with the objective of reproducing accurately the subtleties of the legal system of the target language.


Certified translations are available, for which our translators/proofreaders guarantee the quality of their translations. We provide this certification free of charge.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are required when a translated document is being submitted to an administrative body. We regularly provide this service for documents to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Courts.

We have a comprehensive network of sworn translators and can provide you with sworn translations in all language combinations.

This procedure requires that original documents be provided.


The leading Patent and Trademark Firms and Law Firms in Europe and the United States trust us with their translation needs, thanks to our experience with technical/legal/scientific translation, as well as our Quality Assurance process, ability to meet deadlines, and transparent billing practices.

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