Interpretation/conference organization

We provide comprehensive services to assist you in planning conferences, meetings and seminars worldwide.

Event planning for your company is very important, and we take all necessary steps to guarantee the best possible collaboration with all of the related services (location selection, lodging, interpretation, equipment, and on-site technical assistance).

Service location and lodging site for your participants:
Based on the location selected by the client, we can suggest convention centers or hotels where you can count on optimum service for your event. We can provide you with a list of sites based on our experience and knowledge from working with convention centers (quality of the facilities, ease of access for participants, food and lodging).

There are three main types of interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive and “escort”.

Simultaneous interpretation:
In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is in a booth specially set up with a console including a microphone and headsets. The interpreter follows along with the speech and interprets during the presentation. This type of interpretation may be done in a whispered form if there is a small number of participants, in which case the use of booths and microphones is no longer necessary.

Consecutive interpretation:
In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter interprets a speech after listening to it, either in its entirety or in several passages, assisted by handwritten notes taken by the interpreter.

“Escort” interpretation:
“Escort” interpretation is informal by nature (business meetings, site visits, etc.). The interpreter usually works without taking notes, by memorizing short passages and delivering them in the target language.

In all three cases, we will need the documents related to the conference or event beforehand so that we can prepare for your event as thoroughly as possible.

Equipment and on-site technical assistance:
We provide the latest technology best suited to your needs:

-Simultaneous interpretation equipment (booths, microphones, headsets and PA system).
-Sound equipment for conferences.

The equipment rental includes:
-Assistance from a technician throughout the entire conference.
-Assembly, breakdown support and transport to the conference site.

The quote depends on the number of participants, the number of interpreters (number of language combinations), and the length of the event, in compliance with our Quality Assurance system.

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