PATENTSOur patent translation team is made up of specialized engineers with professional business experience. As a result, they only work in their activity sector, which guarantees a complete and accurate understanding of the source document and a faithful rendering in the target language.

Over the last 15 years, we have handled 13,000 patent applications per year into every language. We have two offices in Europe and one in the United States – this worldwide presence, combined with our work structure, allow us to respond to your needs very quickly, in particular for extremely urgent requests.

We translate all patent application components (descriptions, claims, abstracts, divisions, filings, applications, oppositions, trademark agreements, infringement suits, etc.) and in all patent fields, namely:

-Mechanical (Machine tools, industrial equipment, hydraulics, thermics, etc.)
-Computers, Telecoms, Audiovisual
-Chemistry, Biochemistry, Electrochemistry
-Electronics/Electricity/Electroacoustic, etc.


The biggest Patent and Trademark firms in Europe and the United States trust us with their translation needs, thanks to our experience in technical/legal/scientific translation, as well as our Quality Assurance process, ability to meet deadlines and transparent billing practices.